Dark-green succulent dragon posable art toy

Dark-green succulent dragon posable art toy

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This is a handmade poseable toy made of ECO-friendly hypoallergenic materials.

This wonderful dragon was inspired by different home plants. Just take a look: there is a succulent on its head and his paws look like aloe leaves. Someone says in can even filter air and produce oxygen! :) But anyway it produces hormone of joy for its owner. Order your own and see for yourself!

Who can use it? If you are above 3 you can easily play with this wonderful creature. It is ade of modern and solid materials and doesn't afraid of flying, shaking, spinning and even falling down! feel free to play however you like! Do you prefer collecting your dolls on a shelf?- this cutie is fully poseable and very photogenic so you easily vary its poses.

You can discuss all the necessary details with me in direct messages. If you want, I can show you each step of the creation process to let you control your pet's appearance.
I'll do my best to make this toy the most favourite in your collection!

If you dislike your toy after you've received it, we'll refund it's purchase!

Length (from tip of the nose to tip of the tail): 12 inches

Materials: faux fur, polyurethane, wire, sintepon, pastels, acrylic paints, varnish, glass

*As every toy is handmade and is making to order (there are no toys in stock) you should be ready for some small (really small) differences because it's impossible to make two absolutely equal items. By the way If you want to customize this toy- let me know, i'll be glad to make something unique!