Arboreal baby dragon


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Harlie lambert
Absolutely worth buying! Exceeded my expectations! So happy with my dragon!

I want to start out by saying that the I was extremely pleased about how fast my order shipped to me, especially considering that my dragon had to be made and came all the way from Russia to the US.
I ordered my dragon on May 14th and I received him on the 24th of June, which isn’t that long when you think about how much detail and work goes into making these creatures, plus adding in the shipping time. I received my tracking number as soon as my order was fulfilled and shipped, and right from the beginning it told me it would be delivered the day that it was. The tracking was extremely easy to use, and gift of mercury was easy to communicate with and they were quick to respond when I had a question about my order.

Now that you have a good idea about how long the shipping time is, let me tell you about my dragon!
I was so indecisive when picking out a creature since they have so many to choose from- I have stalked their instagram for the last few months obsessing over these dolls lol. And I will tell you that they absolutely exceeded my expectations. Looking at the pictures you can see how beautiful they are, but in person they are even better!

If you’re being hesitant about buying one, DON’T! It is WORTH IT! I promise you. My dragon is beautiful, soft, extremely detailed, very well put together, and extremely poseable even for his size.
I was actually surprised to see just how much mobility this little dragon has, but you can move all of his legs, and his bottom legs move up and down and they can be pushed in or out. You can bend him and turn his head to the side or up or down pretty far, and it feels really smooth when you move him, not stiff or weird.
His eyes look so realistic and lifelike, and his paint job has such pretty sparkles in it. His tail also has a poseable wire. Overall he is absolutely adorable and wonderful and everything I wanted and more.

I can’t wait to purchase more creatures in the future! They’re too awesome not to! Thank you so much for my baby arboreal dragon! He’s perfect! (And I’ve decided to name him Socrates. My instagram is palugx if you want to see more pictures of my dragon that GOM made.)