Plushies have never been so distinctive

Since the first felt elephant was made in 1880, plushies have been sewn according to common templates, making the toys in a series absolutely identical...

At Gift of Mercury, we believe that

The toys should be as unique as their owners

Therefore our creatures' faces and paws have always been hand-painted; no airbrushes, no templates, just paints and brushes.

Consequently, even if we reproduce a particular specimen, it becomes unique.

what if you wish us to make them

Even more extraordinary?

Our commitment to uniqueness has driven us to offer an extensive range of customization options for every customer.

We work with text descriptions, sketches, photos,
and even "I trust your artistic vision"
to craft one-of-a-kind Mercurians.

Plushies have never been so expressive

Thanks to our distinctive style and the unique technology of sculpting, molding, and casting, the faces of our toys are as expressive as sculptures.
We could never achieve this effect if we just sewed them in the traditional way

That's why we start bringing every Mercurian to life by creating their eyes by hand

Every detail matters:

pupil diameter, eye size, iris color, and pattern

After all, eyes create toy's identity

As well as it's mood, spirit and should never be limited by default pre-made plastic beads.

Static plushies were never enough

Since childhood we've never been satisfied with basic stuffed animals that maintained the same pose they were sewn in, or at best, could only rotate their limbs.

We wanted our creatures to be able to tilt their heads, arch their backs, or bend their paws, and what's important, to maintain these poses

So we added special skeletons

We call them BJD skeletons.

We added them to the most of our toys (and all the medium and big ones)

This feature allows them to be put in different postures and makes them ideal for:

  • taking awesome pictures,
  • creating great interior accents,
  • or simply playing with.
38.5 ball joints on average

...Has every Mercurian.

That's more than vertebrae in the human back.

We've incorporated all these elements into our creations so that everyone in the room will ask you:

Is it real?

And you can proudly answer:

Yes, just a little Mercurian.