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Customer Reviews

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Laura Nungaray
Absolutely perfect!

I bought it for my students to have an art piece they could interact with. It's been over a month and the kids are still obsessed! It's beautiful and proven to be sturdy.

Cheli DeCarolis
Just like how I wanted !

Great !

Lisa Amos-Cordean
Customised spring dragon

I ordered this for my son a thirteen birthday.
He absolutely loves it!
Thank you so much for making something so special.

Naomi McLeod
Beautiful tiny dragons!

The tiny dragons arrived perfect and so well made. I can’t wait to give them to my kids - I’ll share photos once they have them :) I really want to save up and buy from you guys again. Such beautiful work

Well worth it!

One of the best things about Gift of Mercury is how the artists are able to customize your creature. They do such an incredible job making ideas come to life. I saw a lot of customized Mercurians on social media so I had to get one. They were able to design a baby bat cat after the cat I had growing up, and it turned out SO great! Ashley was a Siamese cat that we had for almost 20 years, and she was the best cat I've ever had. She was almost like a dog ...she would wait for me at the school bus stop and was a constant companion and best friend. I was so excited to see the bat cat being created. They captured her looks and personality perfectly! I was sent pictures along the way so I knew what to expect , and they made great suggestions on fur and eye color. I am so glad I ordered her. I already put a If you're thinking about customizing, definitely go for it, you'll be glad you did it!!!! And check out the GoM Instagram page, because there are a ton of customized creatures there to see. :)