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Customer Reviews

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Al Woods
Absolutely amazing!

I had want to give my mom a special gift for her birthday and so I decided why not choose something different, when it first arrived my mom was freaked out by it a tiny bit but at the end she loved it!

Sydney Malmin
Beautiful beautiful work!!

Bumblebeaar is so soft, high quality and just gorgeous. Much more lightweight than expected too!

You'll never find anything cuter!!!

The creatures aren’t cheap, but neither is the quality and I highly recommend Gift of Mercury. Especially to anyone who wants to place their first order, it’s worth every penny!
She's my second custom and bumble bear. Gift of mercury never ceases to amaze me with their outstanding work. I wasn’t sure if it was possible because I thought maybe the logo is too complicated, but it was no problem. I also asked if her date of birth could be the 26th of July, even though I ordered her a couple of days before that date because my grandad and I shared the same birthday but sadly I've had to spend six without him. Until I meet him again, I'll be sharing it with her:) My bumble is based on the Disney movie Brave/Merida which is not only one of my favorite character/movie but also because my grandfather was Scottish, and I grew up there. My collection is growing and I’m always a happy customer!

Absolutely adorable!

I ordered this creature recently, and the shipping was so fast! This cutie is bigger in person! (Which I am very happy about!) definitely will be ordering another creature in the future. (Thanks to the maker who created my bumblebear!)

sarah swaters

The bumblebear I got was going to be present for my friends 23rd birthday. The only creature that best suited her was the bumblebear. I’m not gonna lie I was excited myself to see what this would look like in my hands and it was a perfect size too. Like the size of a small dog you can carry in your arms. Even when I saw it for the first time I knew she was going to love it. When I went to go give it to her, she was absolute speechless. She loved it so much especially with the colors I picked for her too. She’s been going through a really rough time with her family and I wanted something that would be fluffy, warm colored but also give a sign of protection. Hence why I replace the antennas with horns. But I also love it so much that I’m going to order myself a creature as well.