Pointy-Eared Griffin


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Customer Reviews

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April Aventine
Amazing Custom Service!

I ordered a custom pointy-eared griffin. This doll is actually incredible and I’m shocked that they don’t charge more for the effort that goes into crafting these dolls. The design of the doll really is top notch. I can’t state enough how well made these are, from the sculpted faces and custom paint job to the durable plastic armature and padding. It actually feels like I’m holding a living creature.

I must admit I was not an easy customer as the first toy they designed wasn’t quite what I wanted (this can happen when communicating across language barriers and I realize I wasn’t very clear in stating what I wanted). After asking for additional changes (that required a whole new doll to be made) I paid a reasonable additional fee and waited about two more weeks (this was over the holidays so they really worked as fast as they could). The additional fee was my suggestion as I knew it would be a lot of effort to make the changes I asked for.

I’m already planning to purchase another Mercurian and I can’t wait to see what will come next!

Thank you again to the team at Gift of Mercury!

The best!

I got this as a gift for my friend's birthday, and she is in love with it! I got custom fall colors done for the griffin, and it is a little ray of sunshine to her! Thank you for the wonderful toy! My friend loves it to pieces!