Mercurian squirrel


3 reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ashley Henderson
Absolutely adorable

I’m very happy with my purchase! I love my squirrel so much.

Jennifer Guzman
Very cute!

Got the awake Milky squirrel. Looks exactly like the pictures. Details are exquisite. The colors of the eyes are so galactic. Everything about it is so adorable!

Mackenzie Lilly

Got the Awake Milky version of one of these guys and oh my gosh are they ADORABLE! Beautifully articulated and created. From the paint on the paw pads, to the paint on the face and the ears, you can 100% absolutely tell that a lot of care is taken in making these guys. I'm a BIG fan of Marvel's the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl so I might just end up with a whole army of these guys! I have so many little critters from these lovely creators and each and every one is so unique and special. Cannot love Gift of Mercury enough and sing their praises more loudly. If you are on the fence about a creature from them, absolutely do it. You won't regret it!!